Detroit Dentist Has The City Smiling Bright

The city of Detroit has so much to offer. Communities are becoming stronger with new entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to make Detroit their home. Businesses such as Diamond Smile Dentistry located at 13334 East Jefferson in Detroit are among those in the mix.

Aisha Akpabio is a dentist and owner of Diamond Smile Dentistry. Aisha decided she wanted to become a dentist when she was a little girl around the third grade. Before owning her own business, Aisha studied at the University of Michigan “Go Blue”.

Once she finished, Aisha did her residency at Bronx Lebanon Hospital in Bronx, NY. She worked in the city a few years, then moved to Los Angeles to work before finally moving back home to Detroit.

Antoine Marshall: When did the idea of opening your own practice come from?

Aisha Akpabio: I knew that most dentists were entrepreneurs, so it kind of came with it. As far as the vision that was executed, it's something that was always a dream. It really started to become a plan two years ago when I relocated back to Detroit.

AM: What made you move back to Michigan?

AA: Well my support system and I wanted to be a part of this movement in Detroit. I left just to kind of explore, but I always wanted to come back. Perfect timing worked out and brought me back home.

Photo Cred: Antoine Marshall

AM: Why this location, East side Jefferson?

AA: Well I’m an East-sider. I think the Eastside is beautiful. It does have a stigma from some people who do not know that we have many jewels over here.

I had a really hard time finding a location just because, it’s really hard for people to get in. Many of the landlords did not want me and I don’t know why. I had funding and did not have any issue as far as me being qualified, but there were still some issues they had with me and I was not selected.

There are only a few areas in Detroit that I wanted to start up in. Literally one night I was just driving and drove pass this area and it looked so beautiful. I did not know about many of the plans that was going on in this area, so it really worked out. The landlord was really nice and supportive. Now I am in an area that is rebuilding, so it is just wonderful.

AM: With your business being here, what do you want to see this area develop into?

AA: I want to see this area be just as sophisticated as other areas in Detroit and even the suburbs. I want this area to offer everything so we do not have to leave. Good quality services, good quality products and good quality activities.

AM: Do you feel any obligation to your community?

AA: Yes. I do feel I serve as an example to others, so I try to uphold myself as an example. Also, I just feel the amount of support from my demographic. The fact that I am a younger female, plus black...the amount of support has been humbling. They want to come to me just because of that.

This neighborhood and all areas of Michigan are supporting me. So yes, for sure I have an obligation and I want to serve my people.

I would just say that my model is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me”.

Antoine Marshall is a photographer and freelance journalist for Black Business Finder