Table No. 2 is Second to None

Chef Omar Mitchell being interviewed by Antoine Marshall

Table no. 2 is a fine dining restaurant specializing in gourmet American Cuisine. Dishes such as Tomahawk Steak, King Salmon, Neighborhood Smoked Beef short ribs and Seafood Pasta Alfredo line their menu.

This restaurant offers a beautiful décor and inviting ambiance located in Detroit, MI on Livernois and Clarita Ave.

It is run by two brothers, owner Executive Chef Omar Mitchell and General Manager/owner Shimar Mitchell.

Chef Omar honed his skills at Golightly Vocational Technical Center, which led to him attending Johnson & Wales University for culinary arts.

Chef Shimar Mitchell pictured on the patio of Table No. 2

Chef Shimar trained at St. Clair College of Culinary arts and majored in hospitality management. Once he finished there, Shimar transferred to Ohio State Columbus to further study hospitality management.

Why this location and why not downtown like everyone else?

Chef Omar: I definitely see a lot of folks are happy that we are here. We don’t have any direct competition in our direct site, but we are certainly proud to be here to the neighborhood.

You have Detroit golf club, Sherwood forest and Palmer Park and University district. So, we’re happy to be here and hopeful we set the tone for other restaurants to come to this area.

Chef Shimar: Well this was perfect timing. We just had a great opportunity that presented itself. With a lot of the gentrification that is going on around here, we decided to keep our dollars black and keep it in the neighborhood.

Are there any other entrepreneurs in your family?

Chef Omar: Restaurants no it isn’t, but there are other caterers in the family. There are also people who own clothing stores and so forth…

Table no. 2: “Where great food meets impeccable service”

Antoine Mitchell (Staff Writer & Freelance Journalist for Black Business Finder)

Antoine Marshall, Black Business Finder