Entreprenoir II | The Skinterview

Skin in the game!

Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting Sevyn Jones, well invested owner of Skin Bar VII in Southfield, MI to learn of her unique story of entrepreneurship.

When speaking about her clients and their experiences, Jones said "You have to take care of your skin from the inside out. My clients, I'm sure they'll tell you 'Now I'm more conscious of what I eat, now I drink more water' it's overall health.

"Stress today, will take you out! And everybody is stressed out."

To help relieve some of that stress within the community, Jones has been working diligently toward the grand opening of her brick & mortar location on Detroit's West side.

Perhaps it was Jones' prominent position and close business relationship with the CEO of American Laser Centers that led her to her calling? Perhaps it was her desire to spend more time with her newborn son as a young mother?

Whatever the case, the owner of Skin Bar VII is taking one hell of a promenade in her purpose!

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