Yes iCan

I finally had the opportunity to have a seat with Darnisha Davenport, owner of iKurly, a leading natural hair care line out of Detroit, MI.

Darnisha was actually the first person that I approached about black Business Finder. I was at Eastern Market with my family and couldn't help but notice her set up and how appealing her branding appeared to be.

My fiance wears her hair natural and I thought that iKurly be right up there on her list of interests. Turns out, I was right! We stayed and chatted as long as we could at iKurly's vendor table as its owner answered countless questions for others, processed orders (including ours) and showed patrons how beautiful her own hair was as a result of her very own product.

We exchanged information and set up a time to meet for an interview...Some 2-3 months between our meeting and this interview, our schedules would finally allow us to share the story behind iKurly.

Unfortunately, we experienced some technical difficulties with the audio and video and were only able to gather up one portion of the interview. Here is a clip from our exchange...