Crystal Smith: Co-Founder Of You Had Me At Cake 313 (Full Interview)

If there is one thing that I have quickly learned in the process of interviewing entrepreneurs, it's that (lets just be honest) not all of them are interesting! While their businesses may be intriguing, some of us got the "short end of the stick" in the personality department....On the flip-side of that coin are people like Crystal Smith, co-owner of You Had Me At Cake 313 LLC who not only have a wealth of knowledge and life experience, but actually know how to have a conversation. Let me be clear...This is not a knock to anyone else, just giving credit when it is due. I can usually judge how an interview is going to flow by the conversations we have while I set up equipment. After a few minutes in, I could tell that this interview process would be a breeze. This wasn't just going to be a series of questions and answers with the recent winner of Food Network's "Chopped", but rather a discussion on the "smiles and cries" of life with a hard-working mother of three.

From cooking in the kitchen with trap music blaring in the background (which I HIGHLY recommend), imagining that she was just "cooking for (her) babies" to woo judges with her savory selections on "Chopped", to the untimely passing of her biggest supporter, cousin and best friend. We covered it all in just 42 minutes and 17 seconds, which seemed like it could have went on for hours. Crystal has been soothing souls with her culinary gift since the tender age of 12, but You Had Me At Cake 313 LLC is only a three-year-old pastry business that already offers customized cakes, full-scale catering services, desert catering and personal chef services to it's patrons. From the looks of things, their workload won't be lightening up any time soon! Though I didn't have the pleasure of sampling any dishes from the budding business owner (I accept gifts) *clears throat*...there is no doubt in my mind that I will have numerous opportunities in the near future, as Crystal Smith will accomplish her goal of one day owning her own restaurant!

Compliments to the chef...

Cartiear Madlock, Founder: BBFDetroit

Cartiear Madlock

Founder, BBFDetroit