Somalia Carter; Owner of Loving Digitals (Full Interview)

What do you think about when you hear the term "entrepreneur"? How about when someone mentions a "small business owner"?

You may immediately imagine heavy-hitting media tycoons like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), or Gary Vaynerchuk (Vayner Media, Wine Library TV). Perhaps you envision a medial mogul like Oprah Winfrey (Harpo Productions). Whoever it is that comes to mind when you hear these terms, one thing is for certain; the beginnings from which they started are usually very humble when compared to their current lifestyle.

When I hear the term (entrepreneur), I usually picture an extremely hard-working individual. Not necessarily hard-working in the sense of back-breaking work that produces actual sweat (most times), but more of a "non-stop, there is always something that can be improved upon" kind of grind. Not to discredit those who have not chosen the entrepreneurial path, but those who, sleep and shit their respective businesses.

One must be completely receptive to new and improved ideas. There are times when we may be driving, or fresh out of the shower and innovation hits us like a ton of bricks!

"We have a sixth-sense for survival, and I believe an entrepreneurs' sticks out a little more. It's like we have adapted to that sixth-sense. The (need for) survival is the hustle. It is being able to think critically in the clutch. Hustle is my 'third eye'. No matter what I'm going through...I get up and (ask) 'how am I going to make some money today?' With or without a job."

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Somalia Carter Owner/CEO of Loving Digitals LLC, a rapidly growing obituary printing company out of Detroit, MI.

It was a gloomy Friday afternoon in downtown Detroit, and just 10 minutes prior to our scheduled meeting time, it started raining.....HARD! I was parked near the "We Work" building on Woodward Ave to ensure that my trip was short, as I had a lot of equipment to carry. My initial thought was that my subject (Somalia Carter) may want to call it off, or reschedule at the very least. It is not everyday that you can get a woman to agree to meet up and share business stories of both success and failure, with a man that she had not yet met in-person....ON A RAINY DAY!

That was certainly not the case with the Owner of Loving Digitals. Once I received a message saying that she had arrived, I knew then that I would soon interview a woman who was too dedicated and determined to let "a little rain" stop her show. Even more, she brought her three-year-old son along to "learn the ropes".

An entrepreneur is loosely defined as: An individual who opens and maintains a business or businesses, taking on larger than average monetary risks to do so.

After interviewing with this master of multi-task, something tells me that there's a lot more to entrepreneurship than maintaining a business and investing your own money to make it happen. It has a great deal to do with time management, seeing plans through by any means necessary, building a brand and legacy for the ones who share your bloodline....and making SWEET no-look, Rubik's Cube catches across the table while answering questions about your business!

Cartiear Madlock

Founder, Black Business Finder