A Symbol of Hope

It has truly been a "long time comin'" for BBF over the past year. From our humble beginnings as a vague idea that started in a classroom at Oakland Community College (How to Start & Operate a Small Business), to starting our very first interview and developing our website all at once.

Our social media pages along with our website had been set up for months (6 to be exact) with NO activity! I would only get notifications from Instagram every other day, telling me that another person accepted my follow request.

No content on our Facebook page, not a single picture on Instagram, and (still) barely understanding the proper way to finish setting up the site.

Until I saw a post from my cousin Che'Vonne Barksdale-Bryan on Facebook, announcing the opening of her business endeavor "Journey Fitness", an online fitness training program that caters to your every fitness need in the San Diego, California area.

When I saw her asking for her friends to vote on which possible business logos would best fit her company, a light went off!

JUST START! Bring your "Wix" account up to date, gather some business-related photos for Instagram & Facebook, charge up that Nikon D3300 (that I bought specifically for the business)....and START! What's the worst that could happen? Nobody pays me any attention? News flash: They haven't been paying you any attention for the last 6 months anyway!

Once I started to find content specifically related to our vision, and got over the fact that I needed to get in front of the camera and post organic content....everything else simply fell into place.

Once Che'Vonne suggested "Fiverr" to me as a place that I could get my logo designed "on-the-cheap", I hit the ground running! I wound up doing a survey of my own and was able to reach a decision on Black Business Finder's logo, or "symbol of hope" as I like to call it.

It almost isn't real for a business owner until they've decided on a "symbol of hope" for their business. This gives us a sense of pride and a standard to uphold. Above all, it provides our patrons the opportunity to recognize/identify with our brand.

Though we are yet to generate one "red-cent", I am extremely proud of Black Business Finder thus far! Media is thee most influential form of communication among all ages and demographics. We hold the privilege of that influence in our hands when it pertains to aspiring entrepreneurs of color... and trust....we're in good hands!

Cartiear Madlock

Founder, Black Business Finder


Cartiear Madlock, Founder, Black Business Finder