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Media powerhouse for black entrepreneurs in the Detroit area. We specialize in visual storytelling, advertising, content creation and consulting for black business owners.

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Cartiear J. Madlock

Founder of Black Business Finder


Detroit, MI native Cartiear Madlock founded Black Business Finder in August 2016.  The idea was birthed from the understanding that the black dollar must circulate throughout the black community in order for us to become financially responsible/respected.  There is a China town in every major city; Arab and Indian communities exist where they have the opportunity to buy from their own people.  The time has come for African Americans to support each other by doing the same!


Black owned businesses are everywhere; Black Business Finder (BBF) is here to help us support them.  This will be especially helpful to those businesses without hard locations, using the single most effective form of communication, the world-wide-web.